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Wellness nuggets/ Tool box talk, to discuss issues of mental health and mindfulness.


A recent survey by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (ISOH) reported that in 2021 there were 1.7 million people who suffered a work-related illness in Britain of which 800,000 were related to stress, depression, or anxiety which is a significant number.    

It is becoming more apparent there is a needs to identify and put measures in place to deal with mental health illness within organisations. 

And one of the important steps is to build awareness and make it easy to hold a conversation.

The wellness nuggets on this page can be downloaded and used as ice breakers to discuss issues of mental health and mindfulness at work. We also delivered CPD accredited  The Mindfulness courses to individuals and to organisations that are invested in their employee’s welfare and wellbeing, Click here to get more details on this course. 

You can also download and use some of  our free mindfulness tools to start your mindfulness practice

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Roadmap to stress managment
Roadmap to Stress Management
A thermometer showing different levels of stress
My stress level
work-related stress
Stress Awareness
Seasonal affective disorder
Mental health in the workplace
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