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Well-being can be improved through Meditation

Well-being can be improved through Meditation. Regular practice helps cultivate calmness and stillness, an antidote for stress and anxiety.  It moves you beyond the analytical mind, that constantly needs to do something

It helps improve wellness and wellbeing. Mindfulness is a skill that can developed by training the mind to be in the moment (Puddicombe, 2015) .

Yoga, walking, eating, painting, and most of all sitting still (meditation) are tools to cultivate mindfulness.

There is an array of techniques or skills that can help an individual develop a routine in meditation, based on personal preference. All it needs is being kind and compassionate to yourself while learning the new skills. Similar to learning a set of new skills, meditation too should be practiced regularly, this can usually range from 3 mins to an hour, in a place of your choice which provides you with a sense of safety and comfort.

While the origins of meditation can be found in the Indian Vedic tradition and followed by Buddhism, over the years alternative techniques that are secular in their practice have been developed.

There is a great deal of research and scientific study that supports the benefits of meditation, much of which can be found on the web.

Can meditation improve well-being?

In my experience, the most valuable benefit meditation provides is our ability to be in the moment. Regular practice helps cultivate calmness and stillness an antidote for stress and anxiety. Being fully present in any given situation expands our awareness and enriches the experience. It also enables heart and mind coherence thus helping prevent our emotions and feelings from getting the better of us. The Mindfulness Course teaches different meditation techniques that will enable you to set up your own daily meditation practice.

You can download meditation practices from our mindfulness tools page. 

Combining meditation with the knowledge gained from our Stress Management Workshop can profoundly improve your well-being

Want to Improve Meditation Skills?

The Mindfulness Course CPD accredited course is developed with the intention to support the mindfulness journey of individuals who actively seek to better their mental health and work-life balance. We also operate B2B by offering the course to businesses that are invested in their employees’ CPD development.

The course is a CPD accredited course delivered over an (8) eight-week period, with each weekly session lasting for 2 hours. Across these (8) eight weeks, you learn to understand your thoughts and feelings, along with identifying the sensations in the body, and be with these thoughts, emotions, and feelings in kindness and compassion.  With your newly learnt skills, you will be able to catch the thoughts that creep in and gently let go without letting them bring you down. Upon completion of the full course, you are awarded 16 hours towards your professional development, demonstrating your commitment towards your professional growth.  

Through this, 8-week mindfulness process delegates will develop mental resilience, improve self-care, deal with uncertainty and manage pain. We explore various mindfulness techniques that may be incorporated into our daily lives.

The aim of The Mindfulness Course is to empower individuals to deal with thoughts and feelings that hinder positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

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One on One meditation for beginners – 30 mins

Individual or Group meditation – 30 mins


Sessions can be held in person or via Zoom

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{Google Review} This was a great experience! Meg's soothing voice during the guided meditation helped me to clear my mind and become more focused on myself..
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Dubai - UAE
{FB Review} Meghana Millin thank you for such a beautiful meditation x
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{FB Review} Meghana i really loved it feel so relaxed 💐🦋🙏🏻
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* Puddicombe, A., 2015. The headspace guide to : Meditation and Mindfulness. Reissued paperback. London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.

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