Reiki healing for Wellness and Well-being

Reiki healing can bring wellness and well being

With heart, mind and soul coherence we can experience clarity, harmony, peace and oneness within oneself and the universe around us.

Origins of Reiki healing

The practice of Reiki originated in Japan, where the technique was developed and mastered by Sensei-Mikao Usui.  The Usui Reiki technique is passed down through the lineage from teacher to student through Reiki attunement. Since the time of Usui Reiki, there have been various other techniques and modalities of Reiki developed and thought in the West. 

Reiki Lineage & Certification

Reiki teachers should be able to trace their own lineage, and this “family tree” should be available for students to review, as it enables students to appreciate the importance lineage.

My own lineage  is available for here .

I am a registered Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Reiki practitioner through UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) and practice the Usui Reiki technique, the sessions also include meditation. I have found this process helps to nourish the energy centers and keep energy flowing longer.  Reiki is administered to the full-body by placing the practitioners’ hand over either the 7 chakras or areas of dis-ease. Reiki treatment can be received both in person or via what is called “distant healing”, both the treatments are carried out without the need for physical touch.  Distant healing can be received by you anywhere in the world and will hold the same desired outcome as in-person treatment.

The  benefits you gain from CNHC practitioners is:

  • CNHC registration is recognised for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers. This means that clients who are members of the relevant plans can claim for the cost of the treatments when they visit CNHC registered complementary therapists.
  • Doctors are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers

How does Reiki healing bring wellness and well being?

It is a complementary therapy and should never as a substitute for—patients’ regular medical treatment and medications. The benefits of Reiki treatment are personal to each person’s experience.  Reiki techniques help access the “universal life force energy” or “Qi“. Imbalance in the life force gives rise to dis-ease and ailments. Reiki treatment aids relaxation, calmness, thus reducing stress and fatigue caused by the ailments and increasing energy levels.

If you are with frontline hospital-based medical professionals, the Reiki medi-care programme may be of interest to you. This service is provided by Reiki-medicare and is based on self-referral basis.

Each session is 90 mins

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