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Close-up on a Young Man sending Reiki distant healing, with his hands on his heart.

Are you may be looking for a relaxing and healing therapy that does not necessitate you being in close contact with the therapist. No problem! we got you covered. In this case, Reiki Distance Healing may be the ideal answer for you! 

Reiki distance healing is a way of sending energy healing is used without ever coming into contact with the therapist. The Reiki practitioner can deliver Reiki to anybody, anywhere, at any time, including the past and future, using distance healing.

The workings

Using the connection and power symbol, the Reiki practitioner can connect to the individual for whom the Reiki treatment is meant, building a “bridge” over time and space through which the Reiki can flow. This will have the same effect as if they were present with you and receiving hands-on treatment. This ability to “send” powerful and effective healing into the past or into the future can even be “programmed” to be delivered at a specific moment (much like a video or digital TV recorder).(Quest,2002)

Once the initial connection is established, which is carried out by the Distant symbol, it is up to the recipient to “draw” the Reiki. Although no conscious effort is required because the recipient’s Higher self decides. To receive Reiki, there must be intent, therefore book your Reiki distance healing appointment with an open heart and mind. Reiki energy promotes healing; for more information about Reiki healing for wellness and well-being, visit here.

Channelling Distant Healing to the Seven Chakras
Reiki Master working with Reiki Energy

Effectiveness of Long Distance Reiki

Reiki distance healing sends healing energy in the same way as hands-on Reiki, hence is it effective to the same extent as hands-on Reiki sessions.  Distance Reiki has proven to be beneficial in recent years, particularly during COVID. The Reiki practitioner does not come into contact with the client because the therapy is sent from a distance. As a result, it is appropriate for someone with a weakened immune system. This means that you can still receive Reiki healing treatments that have the same effects as being in a Reiki healer’s presence


This blog is for you if you’re interested in Reiki distance healing but don’t know where to begin. This article gives a brief explanation of distant Reiki and addresses some often-asked questions about its effectiveness. Furthermore, long-distance Reiki is briefly covered. So, if you want to learn more about this treatment method or simply find out if it’s suited for you, this site is a fantastic place to start. Thank you for your time!

If Reiki isn’t something you’re interested in, why not look at our Mindfulness Meditation section?


Distance Reiki provides the same advantages as traditional Reiki sessions, including the utilisation of the Universal Life Force. This energy assists you in healing from the inside and balancing your chakras. It can also aid in the restoration of energy flow and the removal of bottlenecks. Distance Reiki, when done correctly, can promote profound relaxation and increased sleep quality.

Lightheadedness, nausea, headache, and dizziness are some of the most prevalent side effects of Reiki distance healing. To avoid any negative effects, always consult a practitioner before beginning treatment.

I would recommend getting treatment once a week for four weeks at the start of the treatment, to see any significant changes taking place, Then, based on the results, choose a longer interval between sessions.

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Meghana Millin
Mindfulness teacher & Reiki Master
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