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Chakra healing, crystal stone that represents the colours of different chakras, engraved with chakra symbols

In this blog post, we will go over the five benefits of Reiki chakra healing and how you can start tapping into them to align your body, mind, and soul in this blog post. We’ll also go through where you can find a Reiki chakra healer near you so you can reap the benefits of this wonderful healing method for yourself!

Reiki chakra healing

The chakras are energy centres in your body that are important for both physical and emotional health. There are in total seven energy centres read here for more information, and when we give Reiki healing to these energy centres they harmonize and balance the energy at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.   When these chakras are balanced, it leads to better general health and emotional well-being.

healing and balancing chakras. Lady lying on a therapy bed with crystals doted on her body to represent Reiki chakra healing
Healing Hand and seven chakras

5 benefits of Reiki chakra healing

Emotional well-being: Reiki chakra healing has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety. Stress or anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors one of which is fear. With Reiki energy given to the root chakra, it causes the sense of fear to decrease. It relieves tension and anxiety while also increasing your emotional well-being.


Improves sleep: Reiki increases the quality of your sleep by reducing tension and increasing relaxation.


Chakra healing focuses on rebalancing your energy flow and removing blockages. Reiki promotes clarity and helps deal with life’s hardships such as relationship breakup, separation, or divorce.


Treating common ailments: Reiki chakra healing can also be used to treat common ailments like migraines, sciatica, knee pain, and lower back pain. Reiki chakra healing should be used in complement to modern medicine.


Heals trauma: Chakra balancing is a good technique to heal previous or childhood traumas and make peace with challenging situations that impede present-day growth.


Chakra healing has numerous advantages and can be an excellent approach to improving your physical and mental health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear my chakras for optimal health and well-being?

You can schedule a session with a Reiki Master teacher or you can Google “Reiki Chakra healing near me,” where you can find an experienced Reiki Master teacher near you. Alternatively, enrol in a Reiki Level One programme to learn about the various chakras in the human body and their significance. Visit our blog “Reiki Practitioner near me” to know what to look for in a qualified Reiki Practitioner that can guide you through your Chakra healing journey.

What are some of the benefits of working with my chakras regularly?

Working with your chakras on a regular basis has several advantages, including increased energy, balance, and overall well-being. You’ll also discover that you have better control over your emotions and can acquire a sense of peace and quiet. If you’re new to this practice or unsure where to begin, talk to an experienced Reiki Master teacher. It is also known to improve your meditation practice 

Is it safe to practice self-chakra healing without guidance from a professional therapist or healer?

There are numerous guided meditations on chakra balancing available on YouTube and other social media platforms. However, in order to reap the full benefits of Reiki chakra healing, it is always preferable to work with an experienced Reiki Master teacher who understands chakras and Reiki healing.    

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Meghana Millin
Mindfulness teacher & Reiki Master
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