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A case study, on how reiki has supported a healing journey of emotional pain & anxiety due to separation & the need to build a new life.


The client was a 40-year-old female with a daughter separated from her partner. When this client came to me, emotionally she was in a low place and anxious about her current life situation.

She was without a job for over a year and had a daughter to support.

They both just moved in with her sister’s family, as there was no support from partner

This living arrangement was causing her a great deal of discomfort as she felt she was burdening her sister. 

This client was currently unemployed and in distress. 

Painting of a women with sad eyes representing emotional pain
Paining of a women with her back showing representing anxiety

Session One

She wanted to take back the control for her life. During our consultation she mentioned she had a well-paying job and a career a few years back. Things had started to take a turn for the worst when her in-laws got a hear about her salary  and the career advances she was having. Her relationship with her husband started to deteriorate as she found her in-laws interfering in her family life.

In order to manage her expectations, we agreed in the first session we would do the full-body Reiki to ensure we calm and relax her senses first. In addition, prior to starting the session, we discussed if she had her CV updated for her
job hunt and if she had identified the companies she was going to target for her job prospects. 

For the full-body Reiki , we started out with the earth star chakra which is at the sole of the feet and moved upwards to the root and through to the crown. The low 3 chakras (i.e., the root, sacral, solar plexus) and the third eye were the most blocked chakras. This is not surprising due to her current situation. Having cleared the blocks as much as we could in the first session. We scheduled for the second session in a week’s time.

As part of her aftercare, I provided her with some mindfulness meditation to help her centre and ground herself.

Asked her to practice the meditation once during the day and once before bedtime.

Also offered to update her CV and asked her to identified potential companies where she would like to apply for jobs

Session Two

From the offset, at the follow-up session, the client looked and felt much happier her energy vibration was much better from the previous week. As we discussed I asked her how was she feeling and if there had been any issues, or discomforts after the treatment. She mentioned she was feeling calmer and more centred in the past week. That it was the first time in months she had felt this way and did not have any issues, or discomforts to report after the treatment. She also mentioned that she was beginning to have interview calls which was a big boost to her morale.

However, during her conversation, I noticed she kept mentioning and referring to her past when she had a good job and when her family life was better. 

So, for this session, we agreed we would do cord-cutting. A cord-cutting session is done when we have developed unhealthy physic cords and attachments with others. These attachments may become unhealthy when they no longer serve a purpose in our lives. 

As for aftercare, I provided the client with the “tree meditation” which installs the sense of strength and grounding. This was done to help her come into the here and now and appreciate what she has at this moment.

The following week and as we discussed her progress, it was nice to hear that she had accepted a job offer. The pay was enough to help her support herself and her daughter.  She mentioned she had enjoyed the tree meditation as it made her feel grounded and be more present. As we were discussing the progress, I also noticed that she was no longer mentioning her in-law which was the topic that dominated in the past 2 sessions.

For this session, we decided we would do a full-body Reiki as she wanted to calm her nerves and compose herself prior to starting her new job. So, we spent the session doing a full-body Reiki and the client felt calm and relaxed at the end of the session.

We met again about a month later, the client was so much happier and full of energy as she came into the session room. She was more present, chatty, and happy to describe her new work-life and colleagues. As she was returning to work after a break, she was a bit nervous and eager to please everyone. In her personal life, she was looking at moving to her own place with her daughter.  So, for this session, we decided to concentrate on the solar plexus mainly, as this would help her with her self-confidence and help her set boundaries. Also, we concentrated on the root and crown chakra to ensure she is well-grounded in this reality. 

Aftercare this time I gave her a chakra meditation where she could concentrate on each chakra, connect with it and fill it with love and above energy. This way she would be able to keep her chakra energy flowing and stop it from being fully blocked as it did when she came in for our first session.

* Images credits: Pixabay by the artist tsukiko-kiyomidzu

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