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In this case study, I write about a client’s journey and healing process through Reiki when he suffered from sinusitis and toothache.

Background: This Reiki case study was recorded when a male in his mid 50’s, booked a session with me. He was suffering from recurring sinusitis and toothache which was causing him some great discomfort. 

His dentist could not find any dental problems and referred the client back to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant, while the ENT consultant referred him back to his dentist. The client had been to and fro with his dentist and ENT, suffering discomfort for over a period of 2 years before arranging a Reiki session.

Image illustrating; Sinusitis and toothache
Image with fluffy pink clouds with text healing time

Session One

As this was his first Reiki session, we decided to concentrate on areas that directly impact sinusitis which is the third eye chakra, Lymph nodes, and spleen. I position my hand positions above these chakras to let the Reiki energy flow, without any physical contact.  

I let the Reiki energy flow to each of the chakras as long as the energy needed to flow.

During our after-session discussion, I asked him how was his first Reiki experience. The client mentioned when I placed my hands above his jaw area he felt a release of energy which he could only describe as (woosh!!) from his jaw passing through his third eye and out of his crown.

We discussed and decided as he had experienced a release of trap energy it would be better to book a session a week just to ensure we were making good progress.

 I recommended he include a wholegrain and fruit and veg diet without any dairy products as it will help cleanse the mucus. Along with any other recommendation his GP/ ENT consultant had recommended.

Session Two

A week later the client returned back for a follow-up session. During our progress check, he mentioned he no longer suffers from tooth pain. The pain he had suffered for the last 2 years was no longer there. In line with that, we agreed that we just repeat the same treatment that we did for the last session just to ensure we reinforce the flow of energy. 

At the end of the session, the client mentioned he felt more relaxed, this gave me an indication that the energy that was released in the first session was complete. At the end of the session, we agreed to concentrate on the sinusitis.

Session Three & Four

For our third session in addition to working on the  sinusitis, we did full body Reiki. During the session, the client went into a deep relaxed sleep-like state. When he woke up, he was very relaxed and calm. After this session, the client mentioned he would book the next session as and when he experienced any sinus pain.

The next time the client visited it was after 3 months, he was starting to feel some discomfort in his sinusitis and decided to come in for a Reiki session. During our pre-session discussion, the client mentioned he has had issues at work where he was finding it difficult to effectively communicate his business plans to his superiors at work.

So, we discussed what tools he could use to help him communicate his business plans better to his superiors. I suggested he could use the “business plan Pro” software to communicate his plans. He had not heard of the software before but was happy with the function that the software provided and he felt confident that it could help him communicate his business plan successfully. We did the Reiki treatment for the sinusitis and also with the emphasis on the throat chakra and solar plexus. As the client was finding it difficult to communicate, thus clearing energy blocks in the throat chakra that were stopping him from expressing himself and the solar plexus to give a boost of self-conference.

I heard from the client in two-week times when he called to let me know, he was successful in communicating his business plan to his superiors using the software. In addition, he had seen a great deal of reduction in pain he suffered from the sinusitis.

These days the client makes an appointment as and when he finds his energy levels are depleting or when he suffers from sinusitis which is far and few in between.

Have you enjoyed reading this case study and would like to book a session?

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