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Mindfulness practice helps develop positive mental health.

Positive mental health can be developed and achieved through mindfulness practices. 

I choose to describe mindfulness as a process because it is a technique which when learned and applied helps you be in the moment. As a skill, when it’s repeatedly practiced and applied it has the ability to change the state of awareness or being. The process of refining the techniques helps develop calmness, clarity, and stillness in your daily life (Kabat-Zinn, 2005)


Being in the moment

As the state of awareness changes with new experiences, new perspectives are created in all aspects of our lives. Some are good, some not so, by training our mind to be in the moment we develop clarity and stillness.

Mindfulness practice helps deal with physical, emotional, and mental matters and build resilience. This enables us to live a more balanced life where thoughts and emotions are seen for what they are.

To start your journey visit the mindfulness tools page to download some free techniques or download wellness nuggets/ tool box talks, and use them as ice breakers to discuss issues of mental health and mindfulness.  Or why not combine mindfulness with photography, check out Alan Millin photography for inspiration

The Mindfulness Course

The Mindfulness Course CPD accredited course is developed with the intention to support the mindfulness journey of individuals who actively seek to better their mental health and work-life balance. We also operate B2B by offering the course to businesses that are invested in their employees’ CPD development.

The course is a CPD accredited course delivered over an (8) eight-week period, with each weekly session lasting for 2 hours. Across these (8) eight weeks, you learn to understand your thoughts and feelings, along with identifying the sensations in the body, and be with these thoughts, emotions, and feelings in kindness and compassion.  With your newly learnt skills, you will be able to catch the thoughts that creep in and gently let go without letting them bring you down. Upon completion of the full course, you are awarded 16 hours towards your professional development, demonstrating your commitment towards your professional growth.  

Through this, 8-week mindfulness process delegates will develop mental resilience, improve self-care, deal with uncertainty and manage pain. We explore various mindfulness techniques that may be incorporated into our daily lives.

The aim of The Mindfulness Course is to empower individuals to deal with thoughts and feelings that hinder positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

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In addition to the mindfulness course, we also deliver Stress Management Workshop a CPD accredited course.

CTA the mindfulness course

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* Kabat-Zinn, J., 2005. Full Catastrophe Living: How To Cope With Stress, Pain And Illness Using Mindfulness Meditation. 15th ed. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc

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